The Pacific Northwest is known for its heavy rainfall or to be more precise the overall amount of days in any given year when rainfall is recorded. I love how green it is, the Ho rainforest on the peninsula is one of the few temperate forests of its kind and inspired Roosevelt to create the National Parks system. It may rain a lot back home but we don’t get many downpours.

Seoul has shown me exactly what a downpour is. You can be standing under an awning here with your umbrella over your head and still manage to get wet. The rain comes down in ferocious, unrelenting sheets during monsoon season. This last week has had some of the highest amounts of precipitation on record resulting in numerous flash floods and landslides. Current death toll is at 53 according to the Korean Herald. My condolences to the families of those lost.

In lighter news I went out to technomart in Sindorim and saw First Avenger (Captain America) last night. Purely epic, I’m not always a fan of comic book movies (absolutely abhorred Daredevil) but the Avengers movies (Ironman, Thor, Cap ‘Merica) have been great. Loved the pulpy, noir style of the film and the action. Didn’t hurt that it was in some crazy enhanced 3D at the theater.

The goggles they give you have some weird sensor in between the eyes and red flashing lights on the side when the movie begins or ends. Throw in cheap popcorn and beer and it really makes for a good time. I stuck with original flavored popcorn but they also had sweet, cheese and onion flavors as well. After the movie I headed back to the apartments and watched Pumping Iron with Dallas. Very sociologically fascinating, Arnold comes across as pretty despicable in my opinion. Felt for Lou Ferrigno at the end.