Yours Truly

Boxing Day 1784

Salutations! I’m from the Pacific Northwest of the United States and grew up surrounded by the evergreen arbors of WA state. I attended Western Washington University and graduated in 2007 with a BA in Psychology. My work experience includes five years at UPS (mid-management got boring…), temping at King County Elections, Fortune 500 accounting firms most recently, and now teach elementary students at a private school in Seoul.

I’ve always wanted to follow in my Father and Grandfathers’ footsteps and have my own formative experience by living in South East Asia as a young man and feel much pride in doing this by teaching in Seoul, even though it’s not in South East Asia. After my mother died from AML leukemia in the lat 80’s my little brother and I were raised by the most supportive and caring of single fathers. Some years after in late elementary school he remarried an amazing women who I feel proud to also call my Mom and they adopted three little girls who are distant relatives of her’s.

My top activities and interests include skiing (Pops got us up on the slopes at the age of 4), hiking, writing, reggae and metal/hardcore shows, going to futbol/soccer matches and volunteering with kids who have lost a parent or sibling (after being aided by these groups as a child I’ve been trying to pay it forward for the last ten years).


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