This is a fairly laid back blog that will detail my time spent as an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea. I hope to discuss aspects of my interaction with and increased understanding of the Korean culture and people, some of the sights I see while here, the cuisine I eat and convey a rough impression of how my life is going and progressing as Korea and this adventure change my values and beliefs in the world. I wanted to make this an entire arching project so this blog will feature the time before I leave, updates while I’m over there and eventually my readjustment upon returning home. Thanks for reading and stay posted for more broadcasts from the front. Cheers!

*Also: The use of the word Savage in the title is not reflective of the definition as defined by Webster’s. For the past ten years I have used this word as a positive adjective that is describing a form of passionate authenticity in my own worldview, but now it’s time to present it in a different way. Another way to view the title could be like Outstanding Perspective, Savage Vantage just sounds much more pleasing to my ear, kinda a personal cellar door. I apologise profusely if any racist undertones were accidentally conveyed, I strive to do just that in all my works in this lifetime!


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