Updates to the blog will have to wait. I’m knee deep in report cards right now…


So fridges here require a little bit of upkeep. I moved apartments up to the 7th floor with all the other waygookin teachers. Inherited a ton of great stuff from Canada when he left since he was the last resident. One thing I also received was about two years worth of freezer ice build up. This photo is after 3 hours open with a fan running and semi-constant blowdrying. 5 more hours and 4 towels later and my fridge now has 30% more capacity in terms of volume/space.

The freezer berg

Talk about Irony! I’m finally in Seoul and don’t have enough time to blog. ┬áSo sorry to everyone that has been trying to keep in contact. I will be devoting more time to a full update this weekend. Need to find a PC Bang (internet cafe) since I don’t have a laptop or cell phone till next payday. So far it’s been great!

First blog has been conceived, still more of an abstract potential than any fleshed out form of content. I aim to fix that. Just not today.