Last weekend in town is going great so far. Got into town early and made a chili tofu scramble with little bro then met up with one of my best friends and the three of us saw Thor at Pacific Place in downtown Seattle’s Westlake Center. After the movie we shot a few games of pool. Nick had a date that night so said our farewells and traveled over to Toulouse Petit for dinner with my buddies girlfriend who had been unable to attend the going away party since she was feeling under the weather. Spirits were high and the food was spot on! I ordered the tagliatelle (may have spelled that wrong) pasta with a sage and pine nut cream sauce that was delicious.

   After hanging out for a while here we cruised up Queen Anne hill and met with some friends of amiga’s from Portland at Sully’s bar and restaurant. Turns out one of my friends teaching in Seoul is a mutual acquaintance so I have a letter to deliver upon arrival. Small world sometimes. Great times had by all!

   Sorry this is a quick one but I need to hop on the bus downtown to drop off the last of my library books, snag some postcards at the Pier, gifts for friends in Seoul at the Market and then…go to the Sounders game tonight. Yes! Good luck boys, give em hell on the pitch. After the game I’m hoofing it over to the KISW studios for one last metal shop broadcast with the dynamic radio duo. All in all perfect end to my last night in Seattle for 2011!