Monday was Memorial day and a national holiday so school was not in session. Both my grandfathers fought in the Korean war so I was somewhat pondering doing the typical Korean activity on this day (or at least that’s what my class on holidays states) about going to the War Memorial Museum. Looking at my dirty laundry that had built up in the past week made me think twice about this so I ended up just staying in my apartment.

   All in all it was quite the productive day off. We only have a washer in my apartment (dryers are fairly rare over here) so I did a large load and brought it up to my roof where there is a clothesline and pins. For supper I hard-boiled some eggs, added a can of chili tuna as well as some green onions, leafy cabbage and garlic. I ran to the market and bought some fresh cherry tomatoes to accompany the black soybean, blanched cabbage stem pasta dusted with a 27 her/spices mix (thanks again for the Bragg’s Sprinkle grandma!) and Parmesan. Dessert was one of the leftover chocolate chip cookies from my friend Mary.

   The meal was delicious and the perfect fuel for that night’s Korean language studies. I’ve been pretty satisfied with my progress, it’s nice being able to sound out the written language, though I have no idea what the word is even though I can say it. Great low-key way to finish the weekend!

Doing my laundry old-school style.


Meal with a view.

Studying my Korean while waiting for the clothes to dry.