Well I can definitely say that I will never forget my 26th Thanksgiving. First time away from the fam and abroad and the options for Thanksgiving were kind of limited. I ended up hanging out with a couple coworkers at the local Makegoli house having some beverages and eating some BBQ’ed chicken. Oh yeah, don’t think I’ve mentioned that in the blog yet but for the first time in over 11 years I’m eating chicken again. I am now just one more statistic of a vegetarian who couldn’t stay strong in Korea. I’m taking it in stride though, usually not more than once a week and still steering clear of red meats.

Thanksgiving dinner is pictured below, aside from the chicken there were onion, cabbage, corn, shredded carrots, tangerine slices and quail eggs. Not nearly as delicious as the fare back home but a lot more exotic to be sure. I countered the homesickness by befriending some of the Korean guys there who were my age and students at a local university. Soju was had, charades were used to communicate and new KaKao talk (kind of like Korean Skype) friends were made. Felt good to make due and at least make for one heck of a memorable holiday abroad.