A common trend of mine seems to be blogging about events a week or two after they happen. I’d like to thing that is because I’m organizing in my head exactly what I want to impart. Letting the thoughts take shape and crystallize into the perfect coherent and eloquent form to express my life here in Seoul. Sadly, I fear this is more due to the fact that at heart I’m somewhat of a procrastinator and don’t get around to writing posts until I realize the memories are starting to fade from experiences and sensations/thoughts in the moment to mere cliff notes.

This entry is about my elementary kids and the awesome prowess they possess in serenading the judges (other teachers) into giving them pizza. The song contest took place two weeks ago and was a blast. Two of my classes came in first place and one in second. To be honest I was kind of rooting for the team that came in second the most. Their rendition of “Somewhere over the rainbow” covered by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole was pretty cute. Not precisely all-city choir quality but I was cracking up at seeing them sing, especially the initial “Oooooo  oooooo ooooooo” part which they had trouble delivering with any flexing of their range. Picture one long monotone Oooooooooo *pause* ooooooo….you get the picture. They really tried hard and put their all into it.

I was feeling so motivated for these guys to score well I dropped by the local craft store and made them streamer flags that they could wave. I bought five different colors of streamers and attached them to similarly colored hard-foam poles. As they swayed them back and forth it kinda looked like a rainbow on stage. Kinda. Regardless anyone who knows me well knows arts and crafts aren’t really my forte so I was feeling pretty proud of even this small props-crafting.

Luckily enough 2nd still gets a pizza party, just not the SLP dollars (used on market day) or badge/pins that some students proudly have adorning their backpacks. They were beat out by one of my other classes with their cover of “World’s Greatest by R Kelly. They chose the song in that class…Me being a huge R Kelly fan and all (read the sarcasm…) you can see why I was rooting for Somewhere over the rainbow.

Here’s a shot of one of my older classes who won with “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. I tried to convince all of my classes to do some mild form of dancing (read pantomiming the lyrics) but they all balked. This class even refused to lean against each other during the chorus which urges this action.

Lean on Me takes the gold.

I was fairly vindicated by the surprised look on my coteacher’s face when they won. I choose the song and she had been fairly adamant about how it was too hard for them.