Writing this from the swanky hostel I’m staying at on the 21st floor of the Lotte Gallerium Centum (It is located in Centum City). Busan has been amazing. Food is delicious. Beaches are packed and have a great amount of diversity and the nightlife is a ton of fun. I am visiting Beomeosa temple later today which is one of the “5 Great Temples of Korea”. Follow that up with some more time on the beach and I’m set. The feeling of Busan is much more to my liking than Seoul. The people do not seem nearly as rushed and are much more pleasant and outgoing. My initial reaction was that this was tied in to Busan being more spread out and not nearly as packed as Seoul but I’m sure there are many more variable to consider. I forgot my camera so will create a more lengthy post later with attached photos from my coworkers but right now, I have some expeditions to partake in.