Met up with my friend Mary from Western on Saturday. It’s been so great having some friends that are already established to help me get acclimated so far and she was no exception to this. We decided to go to Itaewon for lunch and just to check out the scene. I’ve been here for almost 3 weeks and while I had heard mixed reviews I decided it was time to go see it and decide for myself.

   Turns out that my timing wasn’t spot on in terms of being able to make a for or against decision. Since it’s a holiday weekend almost everyone was out-of-town so it was pretty dead. We hiked around and checked out a few of the store. I am definitely going to go back when I have more time to browse through What The Book and the Foreign Market but enjoyed my White Russian at Seoul Pub and my tofu patty burger at Honest Loving Hut quite a bit!

Mmmm… the burger was great and the potatoe wedges a true treat.

     After getting down with the grub we cruised back to her spot in Kkachisan where her boyfriend was just getting rid of a lacrosse party induced hangover. They are the only foreigners at their school and have a couples apartment and I was really impressed at the digs. They had two bedrooms, a living room with attached kitchen that had a full-sized fridge AND….(drum roll please)….AN OVEN!!! 

   Yes, finally I’ve tracked down somewhere I can make frittatas, enchiladas and the ilk! While I do subscribe to the blog The Ovenless Chef I must admit that I had been battling a minor culinary depression at my inability to work with anything other than two mediocre hot plate elements. Gas fired salvation you are sweet and my respect for said apparatus only increased as I partoke in some of the chocolate chip, almond cookies baked therein.