I got a little choked up in the PC Bang writing this to the kids I do grief camp with as a counselor for the last 3 Summers. I attended this camp as a child and it meant a ton to me. This is the first time I’ve felt somewhat homesick. I’m alright with that, lets me know I’m human.

Hello to my Seabeck family!
   I’m writing this to you guys at 5:00 on Sunday night from a PC Bang (that’s an internet cafe in South Korea) since I don’t have a computer yet. Really miss seeing you guys at Seabeck this year, I have my “Nathan Columbus” award taped up on the wall of my apartment and think about you all every time I see it. The kids at my school are really great, they pick up English quickly and have a bunch of nicknames for me like “Panther teacher” because of my hairy arms and “Magic teacher” from the science classes I teach. Today I went to a local orphanage and did free English lessons with the kids there and then played some Soccer with them out in the sandlot. My time here is really showing me that no matter how different cultures can be all over the world we all have some of the most important things in common. We all cherish our friends and family and the love we share. Even though these kids have lost both their parents and have no family to take them in there are dedicated people who are trying their hardest to ease their pain and give them the tools to make a life for themselves. Their lives have been really rough but they all laugh, play practical jokes and love to play. It’s really heartening to know that is a universal part of people worldwide. Hopefully after my time here I’ll learn more about people from all walks of life and how to help them deal with the death of a loved one even better. I know you have all had an awesome weekend and some great talks. Know that I am so proud of you all for the amazing strength and bravery you show on the journey of grief and am there with you in Spirit right now. Love you guys and look forward to hearing all about Seabeck this year and seeing you in the future. Erica and Nick can give you my email feel free to contact me at any time for any reason. Keep your hearts big and full of life.
Your friend always,
Nathan Hanson