Well I’ve been in Seoul for a week and life is go so far. I really like my coworkers both Korean and foreign. The Korean teachers seemed especially surprised at my positive attitude and how well I seem to be getting along with the kids. I’ve been doing practicum this week and have my first solo classes on Friday. My favorite class so far is the group of 5 and 6-year-old 1st year English speakers. Their class name is the Cheetahs and they are a blast. It’s still tough for me to learn all their names, and vice versa for them, but we’re both making pretty good progress.

We had a class field trip to Seonyudo park which is on an island in the middle of the Han river (giant river that runs right through Seoul) that was a blast. I’ll be posting pictures soon but forgot my cord that connected my camera to computer so need to find one of those at an electronics mart. The park was an old water purification plant that had been restored as a beautiful park. It had botanical gardens of soil and water species, greenhouses, bridges over the river and small wading pools for the kids. It was a ton of fun running around with some of the students I’m going to be teaching.

This is my class the cheetahs, my Korean counterpart and the former teacher are also shown.

My coworkers are a pretty eclectic yet tight group from all over. Two Canadians and the rest Americans from the East Coast, Midwest and Texas that have been really great at welcoming me into the crew and helping me to become adjusted to life over here. We eat out quite a bit, last night was truly the most exceptional meal I have had since I showed up. A small local Japanese hole in the wall that serves all you can eat tuna. They don’t even put the fish on rice they just serve all these different cuts of tuna straight with unlimited amounts of garnish and Miso soup. It was easily the most fish I have ever consumed in a single sitting, probably more than I have ever consumed in an entire week.

Everything up close is just sides. The chef just kept refilling the tuna you can see in the upper-mid left.

I really enjoy the Korean food as well, Bibimbap and Squid Panchon  are delicious and kimchi is great. Being a vegetarian over here is already presenting itself as quite a problem but I’m staying strong at the moment. This last week was a lot of fun and I had a great time trekking it all over Seoul via the subway, though there were a few slightly overwhelming moments when you realize just how big the stations are. I went out with a friend from college who has lived over here for a few years and we hit up a norebang (karaoke bar) which had me feeling like a local.

See my chili oil, pepper, garlic marinated tofu amidst the Samgyeopsal? Grubbin savage style, so good!

Just got off work so I’m going to cruise back to my apartment at the moment and get some dinner ready before I go hang out with coworkers. More updates will follow, sorry I’ve been lax. I’ve had a ton of work to do at school and wordpress seems to not work at the local PC bang (internet cafe).