Very productive day had so far! Not only did I get a ton of packing done (1 of two check in bags packed) but I bused into town to get price checks on IPod charger (I’ve been bumming off friends for last two months), international converter and purchased gifts for the director & supervisor at my new school. For the director I picked up 12 oz. of SBC’s (Seattle’s Best Coffee) medium roast (#3) and for my supervisor I dropped by Safeway and snagged some Boehms chocolates. My mother was a chocolatier about 26 years ago and I’ve known Bernard the Swiss owner since I was a baby so it felt like the perfect gift since on of my soon-to-be coworkers informed me that my supervisor enjoys chocolates.

   I said I would fill in a little more detail on mother’s day. My brother and I collaborated for making Mom dinner. I picked up some fresh spinach linguine noodles at Pasta Co. along with some produce (sugar snap peas were decadently fresh) and mozzarella balls. He dropped by Pike Place Market and snagged some scallops, sushi-grade Ahi tuna and Manilla clams. He made a scallop clam linguine with a vegetable reduction and I made a veggie lemon alfredo linguine with oregano and basil. We also whipped up a fresh romaine salad with the mozzarella balls, seared tuna encrusted with sesame seed, some crusty garlic baguette and last but not least a spicy ahi ceviche. All in all it was a hit and Mom was quite pleased with our culinary efforts to please. She also dug the bouquet of Sunflowers I snagged from Metropolitan Market.

   Heard from my recruiter, my director is going to pick me up at the airport next Tuesday and take me to see the school and then my new apartment. This is great because there was a possibility that I would be spending the first couple of weeks in a love motel while waiting for an apartment. All of the foreign teachers live in the same apartment building, I can’t wait to meet them, the rest of the staff and my future students. On the flip side of this I’m getting boggled at trying to decide how to spend my last days in the US of A. Tomorrow I’m meeting with my little bro and good friend and roommate from Bellingham post-college days to see Thor (stoked to rock my Icelandic heritage pride, VALHALLA!) and then have dinner with my friend and his girlfriend who has been a great amiga for many years. I cruise back out to the booneys to watch my little sisters while my parents meet up with the grandparents to offload garden supplies (they’ve bought quite a few racks of flowers in the last week) and celebrate my grandmother’s birthday with dinner. Saturday is the real tricky one, I’ve been invited to go see one last Sounder’s game (against our new rival the Portland Timbers), go to a birthday BBQ kegger at the high-school homies casa near my folks or make it to one last show (Ghostland Observatory who totally rocked it last time I saw them at Sasquatch Fest). So many great choices with so little time, but there are far worse dilemmas in life.

Oh yeah, my team totally dominated at Trivia Night this Monday winning with 34 points (2nd had 29) out of 7 teams. Sweet, sweet victory!